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Night 4th Quote

“I am asking you…Take it, do as I ask you, my son. Time is running out. Do as your father asks you…” 

This happened when Elie’s father gets told to go for another selection. Elie’s father gives him a spoon and a knife to take before he goes. Elie’s father thought he was selected to die but really he wasn’t. Elie was really scared and thought his father was actually chosen to die. When this happened I thought that his father was going to die and Elie was going to be by himself until liberation. I had a scared feeling but when he said that his father was back and didn’t die I felt a sense of relief.


Night 3rd Quote

“Bite your lips, little brother… Don’t cry. Keep your anger, your hate, for another day, for later. The day will come but not now… Wait, Clench your teeth and wait…” (53)

The French girl that Elie met in the warehouse where they both worked said these words to calm him down a bit. I think that this girl is a really inspiring/brave person because she said this to Elie and also because if she talked german she was at risk of getting caught. Elie had just gotten beat up and he was angry but this girl had gone over there and said for him to just keep it all in to save it for another time. I feel that if someone like her said this to me I would feel super calm and comfortable.


Night 2nd Quote

“I pray to the God within me for the strength to ask Him the real questions” (5)

I usually don’t mark the quotes while I’m reading because it ruins my thinking process, so I went back to look for some and this quote caught my attention because of how Elie is praying to God asking for strength to be able to ask him the right questions. I think that the Elie feels that everyone is against him and that God is the only one who he has and he doesn’t want to ruin that relationship. I feel that Elie doesn’t want to mess up. This quote makes me feel like Elie cares mostly about his faith more than anything else. I mean it’s awesome that Elie has so much hope right now but when all the bad things happen he sort of just questions God and forgets about his faith. I think that Elie will go back to his faith and thank God after he gets out of the concentration camp.

Night 1st quote

“Oh God, Master of the Universe, in your infinite compassion, have mercy on us…” (20) 

When I read this quote it immediately caught my eye. I believe the theme of this quote is faith…faith in yourself, in others, and in God. Elie Wiesel talks about his strong belief and dedication to the Judaism faith, and how he dreams of being a Kabbalist, he also talks about the  stuff he learns from spending time with Moishe the Beadle, and how his faith grows stronger every day that he studies. When Moishe returns after being deported by the Hungarian police he tries to warn the town, to try to convince them to leave before it’s too late, but they wouldn’t listen to him. Instead, the townspeople have faith in the American army. Then the German soldiers come to Sighet and the people begin to have faith in them, hoping that they are good people, just watching the area. Then the ghettos are created and faith is put onto Mr.Wiesel since he has connections to Hungarian police and has a well-respected status. When nothing gets better, faith is put back on God.  This quote gives me sort of a warm feeling only because they are thanking God when they get to the small ghettos, but then I also get the chills because they don’t know what will happen next. Then the deportations begin, and faith begins to go away…

TKAM Shoe Project – Scout

This is a picture of a top view of the shoes. I colored the tip of the shoes blue because Scout is a Tomboy and loves to play with boys.
This is a front view. I added little gems to represent that Scout is the most valuable character.
This is a side view of the shoes. I added some pictures to represent Scouts memories and some of the people she cared about.
This is a back view of the shoes. I put question marks because Scout was always thinking and I put Scouts name to represent that they are her shoes.

In the book “To Kill A Mockingbird” Atticus says “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view–until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.” Scout is a funny, loving, caring, and honest person.  Scout never really thought about this until the end when she helped Boo get home, it was like she was seeing through Boo’s eyes. She saw everything in Boo’s point of view and painted a picture for us to see Boo’s looking at Jem, and Scout grow up. Scout does seem like the type of character who is careless, but once we take a look you will realize she’s not…

Scout is one of the main characters, she is a girl who starts to figure things out as she grows. “It would be best for you to have some feminine influence.” (170) She’s  a tomboy, she loved to play with the boys and hated wearing dresses. Her Aunt Alexandra told her she needed to be more ladylike, so she stayed at their house for a while. Scout doesn’t want to change who she is. “Hey Boo!” (362) She saw a man in the corner, then pointed and was just so kind and gentle because she somehow knew it was Boo. “I asked him to pass the damn ham, please” (105) This quote shows us that she is seeking attention. Scout is saying curse words so Atticus won’t make her go to school. This makes her an outspoken person, but not always in a bad way! “I split my knuckle to the bone on his front teeth. My left impaired, I sailed in with my right, but not for long.” (112) This quote is a  description of how she hit Francis in the face. She punched him no more than once because her uncle pinned her down. This makes her a competitive person because she always gets in fights when someone is talking trash about her or her family. “Atticus is Jem dead?” (353) This quotes tells us Scout is a curious person, she asks so many questions! When she asked Atticus if Jem was dead she was really scared, and worried. “Everybody’s gotta learn, nobody’s born knowin” (304) This quote right here shows us that Scout a really smart person. She is saying that people don’t just automatically know everything when they are born. You have to practice and do things to learn things. All these quotes are things that scout said or things that someone told Scout. These things make Scout the person she is and she doesn’t need anybody changing her because she’s unique and that is what makes a reader really like a character.

For Scout’s shoes I began with a pair of pink and black converse. I chose to go with pink converse because even though Scout is unladylike she is still a girl. On both shoes I put a strip of little diamond gems to symbolize that Scout was the shiny, and one of the most valuable characters which basically means she is one of the main characters.  I printed out some pictures and question marks. One of the shoes has some question marks which stand for Scout’s confusion, curiousness, and thinking. On that same shoe I put a picture of Scout because I thought that people should get an actual visual of her and so they know who she is. I also painted the tips blue with a sharpie to symbolize that she is a tomboy and that there’s another side of her. Scout loved to play with boys because she really never played with a girl in the story.  On the other shoe I put words that said Jem, Boo, and Atticus because those were some of the people she really cared about and always thought about. Then on on shoe I put a whole lot of pictures to act almost as memories or important things that happened. For example there are pictures of Atticus at the courtroom defending Tom, Atticus reading with Scout, A picture of Boo when Scout saw him in the corner, a picture of Jem and Dill, a picture of Jem, and Dill rolling Scout in a tire, a picture of Scout’s ham costume and finally a picture of a mocking bird. The reason I put a picture of a mocking bird was because Atticus told Scout that she could shoot all the birds she wants but not the mockingbirds because it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird. Scout really thought about that and so that is why I put it on the shoes. For the pedestal I used an old shoebox and covered it with wood scrap paper so it would look like some sort of a library desk. I also got some children’s books and stacked them up. I did this because Scout really liked to read.

Scout isn’t a careless character because Scout always worried and she always was curious and thoughtful. By doing this project I have really learned more about Scout because thought of her as a person that was just normal. Once I started this project I learned that Scout was more than normal…  she is funny, thoughtful, unladylike, honest, caring, and much more. The purpose of this essay was to help you get to know Scout a little bit better. I think that we learn a whole lot once we take a walk in someone’s shoes…

My Identity

Honestly I think most of my friends and family could say that I am a very crazy/trouble person. In second grade my teacher was Mrs. Lacey, I was the new student. So as the first day of school went by I started making friends and more friends, by the first week I felt I knew the whole school. One day we were doing leap frog at the reading station and my friend named Aspen told me to keep guard so I did. I didn’t know what was going on but I kept guard for a solid minute or two. Next thing I know I see Aspen and Jack coming out from under the table, and Aspen tells me to go to the bathroom with her, so I did. We go into the bathroom and she told me her and Jack kissed, I was shocked. We promised we wouldn’t say anything to anybody but then as we walked into the room our friend Kyler stopped us and just looked at us. Later we got called to the principal’s office ( I wondered why) and we had no idea what was coming for us. One by one we went in the actual office, then it was my turn. I went in and Mr. Stuart was just questioning me, he asked why I didn’t tell the teacher and all that. But I told him I didn’t know what was going on so I just got up and left after that    (I didn’t do anything so I wasn’t going to get in trouble for something I didn’t do). I went back to the class and everyone was just looking at me, asking me questions that I clearly didn’t want to answer.

Another one crazy thing happened when I was a third grader. My friends and I were playing on the slide in the playground. Our slide was so tall (at least 12+ ft) and my friends and  I were playing house on the slide. So we were playing and we were acting like someone was robbing our house (our house was the slide by the way). The friend that was going to be the robber came up too early and scared my other friend that was in the “house” (top of the slide) with me and I bet you could guess what happened… she fell face forward and broke her arm. I sat there literally in shock because I didn’t know what to do, so I went down the slide and sprinted to Mrs.Royal to tell her what had happened. After all that I just felt that everything I did ended up with going to the principal’s office again. So I went and repeated the whole process again, I didn’t get in trouble but he said I was in the principal’s office too much. Afterwards I got to sign my friends cast and that was it.

You might think that these are the only stories that made me a crazy/trouble but no sadly there is more. Now I’m older and I am still crazy and a troublemaker but some people probably don’t see me in that way (only if they don’t really hang out with me or know me). These events in my life really shaped me into a crazy troublemaker because these were the things that affected me the most.  All through out my life these things never got out of my head and everytime I do something crazy or create trouble I just look back at these small little things and chuckle a bit. I moved away from my friends 4th grade year and I came to the school I currently attend. When I was an 8th grader I moved for a semester back to the place I moved from and I saw my old friends and we remembered those bad times (we laughed it out). Anyways this is one of the important things that define me because no one is perfect.

Are Friends Even Real Anymore?

Do you have real friends or do you have untrue friends?  Do you think your friends are really your friends because they know your birthday or because you hang out a lot? I mean our society has changed so much over the years. I know there was a time when friends and friendships were real and you could trust your friend.  But now with all this technology no one expresses themselves like before! All we get is people expressing their feelings through a text which makes things feel really weird. Now it’s all about text messaging, Snapchat, Instagram DM, and Facebook Messenger.

Do you think your friends are real? Your friends are not real if they get mad and start talking bad about you behind your back when you hang out with someone they don’t like, or if one friend is always getting mad and it causes choosing sides, and  if they peer-pressure you. If a “friend” doesn’t like you because of who you are (they call you annoying, or tell you to stop acting like yourself) then they are definitely NOT your friend,BFF, or true friend. A true friend will like you for who YOU are!

Do your friends actually like you? Think of all the people you interact with during the course of a day,week,month, or  year. The many people with who you might greet or give a warm welcome to, talk to or have a deep conversation with. All those who, for some reason come into your life. Then ask yourself which of them are my friends, my true friends?

I wonder if technology has changed the meaning of friendship?  I think technology basically changed the way people communicate, because it wasn’t like back then when you used to ride your bike to go to your friend’s house to talk to them or bond with them, now you can just text and by texting you don’t really get time to actually talk face to face. Another thing is if you post something on social media that’s not about  your friend, your friend might think it was about him/her and take it the wrong way and then he/she gets mad at you.

So according to the dictionary friends are people who one knows and with who one has a bond of mutual affection. I think you can have a friend that is a girl or a boy it just has to be a person you can trust and someone you can tell secrets to without being scared they will tell everyone, someone who will always be there for you no matter what, someone who sticks with you through the thick and thin, someone who cares for you.

I think that true friendship is hard to find. I think it is hard to find a close friend because people are unique, they have their own habits, opinions and judgments which are different from others. You don’t literally just be best friends with someone after like a month, you have to get to know them. True friends should be honest, tolerant, respectful, trustworthy, loyal, etc. There is also many people who are two-faced and they act like they like you and then they just talk bad behind your back. If your friend talks bad behind your back just know it’s not the end of the world, don’t stick with them because you think they are the only person there you have just let go.

Some ways to know if you have a true friend would be, if your friend/s support you, if they are always there for you, if they NEVER tell you to stop acting like yourself, if they make you happy when you’re down, if they are honest with you, helps you to choose the right decision. Two things to definitely keep in mind when making a new friend or even when you are with your friends is to be confident and be yourself.

“True friends are like diamonds, precious and rare. False friends are like leaves, found everywhere.” -Unknown

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