Do you have real friends or do you have untrue friends?  Do you think your friends are really your friends because they know your birthday or because you hang out a lot? I mean our society has changed so much over the years. I know there was a time when friends and friendships were real and you could trust your friend.  But now with all this technology no one expresses themselves like before! All we get is people expressing their feelings through a text which makes things feel really weird. Now it’s all about text messaging, Snapchat, Instagram DM, and Facebook Messenger.

Do you think your friends are real? Your friends are not real if they get mad and start talking bad about you behind your back when you hang out with someone they don’t like, or if one friend is always getting mad and it causes choosing sides, and  if they peer-pressure you. If a “friend” doesn’t like you because of who you are (they call you annoying, or tell you to stop acting like yourself) then they are definitely NOT your friend,BFF, or true friend. A true friend will like you for who YOU are!

Do your friends actually like you? Think of all the people you interact with during the course of a day,week,month, or  year. The many people with who you might greet or give a warm welcome to, talk to or have a deep conversation with. All those who, for some reason come into your life. Then ask yourself which of them are my friends, my true friends?

I wonder if technology has changed the meaning of friendship?  I think technology basically changed the way people communicate, because it wasn’t like back then when you used to ride your bike to go to your friend’s house to talk to them or bond with them, now you can just text and by texting you don’t really get time to actually talk face to face. Another thing is if you post something on social media that’s not about  your friend, your friend might think it was about him/her and take it the wrong way and then he/she gets mad at you.

So according to the dictionary friends are people who one knows and with who one has a bond of mutual affection. I think you can have a friend that is a girl or a boy it just has to be a person you can trust and someone you can tell secrets to without being scared they will tell everyone, someone who will always be there for you no matter what, someone who sticks with you through the thick and thin, someone who cares for you.

I think that true friendship is hard to find. I think it is hard to find a close friend because people are unique, they have their own habits, opinions and judgments which are different from others. You don’t literally just be best friends with someone after like a month, you have to get to know them. True friends should be honest, tolerant, respectful, trustworthy, loyal, etc. There is also many people who are two-faced and they act like they like you and then they just talk bad behind your back. If your friend talks bad behind your back just know it’s not the end of the world, don’t stick with them because you think they are the only person there you have just let go.

Some ways to know if you have a true friend would be, if your friend/s support you, if they are always there for you, if they NEVER tell you to stop acting like yourself, if they make you happy when you’re down, if they are honest with you, helps you to choose the right decision. Two things to definitely keep in mind when making a new friend or even when you are with your friends is to be confident and be yourself.

“True friends are like diamonds, precious and rare. False friends are like leaves, found everywhere.” -Unknown