Honestly I think most of my friends and family could say that I am a very crazy/trouble person. In second grade my teacher was Mrs. Lacey, I was the new student. So as the first day of school went by I started making friends and more friends, by the first week I felt I knew the whole school. One day we were doing leap frog at the reading station and my friend named Aspen told me to keep guard so I did. I didn’t know what was going on but I kept guard for a solid minute or two. Next thing I know I see Aspen and Jack coming out from under the table, and Aspen tells me to go to the bathroom with her, so I did. We go into the bathroom and she told me her and Jack kissed, I was shocked. We promised we wouldn’t say anything to anybody but then as we walked into the room our friend Kyler stopped us and just looked at us. Later we got called to the principal’s office ( I wondered why) and we had no idea what was coming for us. One by one we went in the actual office, then it was my turn. I went in and Mr. Stuart was just questioning me, he asked why I didn’t tell the teacher and all that. But I told him I didn’t know what was going on so I just got up and left after that    (I didn’t do anything so I wasn’t going to get in trouble for something I didn’t do). I went back to the class and everyone was just looking at me, asking me questions that I clearly didn’t want to answer.

Another one crazy thing happened when I was a third grader. My friends and I were playing on the slide in the playground. Our slide was so tall (at least 12+ ft) and my friends and  I were playing house on the slide. So we were playing and we were acting like someone was robbing our house (our house was the slide by the way). The friend that was going to be the robber came up too early and scared my other friend that was in the “house” (top of the slide) with me and I bet you could guess what happened… she fell face forward and broke her arm. I sat there literally in shock because I didn’t know what to do, so I went down the slide and sprinted to Mrs.Royal to tell her what had happened. After all that I just felt that everything I did ended up with going to the principal’s office again. So I went and repeated the whole process again, I didn’t get in trouble but he said I was in the principal’s office too much. Afterwards I got to sign my friends cast and that was it.

You might think that these are the only stories that made me a crazy/trouble but no sadly there is more. Now I’m older and I am still crazy and a troublemaker but some people probably don’t see me in that way (only if they don’t really hang out with me or know me). These events in my life really shaped me into a crazy troublemaker because these were the things that affected me the most.  All through out my life these things never got out of my head and everytime I do something crazy or create trouble I just look back at these small little things and chuckle a bit. I moved away from my friends 4th grade year and I came to the school I currently attend. When I was an 8th grader I moved for a semester back to the place I moved from and I saw my old friends and we remembered those bad times (we laughed it out). Anyways this is one of the important things that define me because no one is perfect.