“I pray to the God within me for the strength to ask Him the real questions” (5)

I usually don’t mark the quotes while I’m reading because it ruins my thinking process, so I went back to look for some and this quote caught my attention because of how Elie is praying to God asking for strength to be able to ask him the right questions. I think that the Elie feels that everyone is against him and that God is the only one who he has and he doesn’t want to ruin that relationship. I feel that Elie doesn’t want to mess up. This quote makes me feel like Elie cares mostly about his faith more than anything else. I mean it’s awesome that Elie has so much hope right now but when all the bad things happen he sort of just questions God and forgets about his faith. I think that Elie will go back to his faith and thank God after he gets out of the concentration camp.